Logbook Servicing

You don't need to haul your car all the way back to the dealership if you want to keep your warranty. Our team at Leo's Garage is happy to handle this for you at your convenience.

We can perform logbook servicing on all makes and models of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, checking your vehicle's essential features for premature wear and tear. You'll drive away comfortable in the knowledge your warranty is intact after our servicing.

To book your next logbook servicing with us, contact us today!

Roadworthy Inspections

Leo's Garage is an VicRoads licensed vehicle tester, able to conduct roadworthy inspections for owners wishing to sell their used car or re-register a vehicle with lapsed registration. These inspections will cover your vehicle's essential components and safety features, ensuring that both you and your vehicle's potential buyer have complete peace of mind.

To find out more about roadworthy inspections, give us a call today!

Steering & Suspension

If your vehicle's handling or ride comfort is slipping, bring it in to Leo's Garage for a check of its steering and suspension.

We can perform repairs or fit replacements from our stock of manufacturer-standard parts, covering car springs, shock absorbers and bushes. We can also conduct wheel alignments to eliminate play in your steering, for a smoother, easier drive. Call us today to find out more.

Brake Servicing

Correctly performing brakes are an essential safety concern when driving. Brakes are probably the particular area of a car that people most think of in terms of wear and tear, but few appreciate just how much strain the stop-and-start nature of inner-city driving can place on your vehicle's brakes.

Our experienced technicians can check your brakes, replacing or machining brake pads, discs and drums as necessary. To find out more about our brake services, give us a call today.

Clutch & Transmission

A loss of drive or difficulty shifting gears can trace back to your vehicle's drive train, stemming from a worn-out clutch or problems in the transmission. Signs of major drive train trouble can include a strong burning smell from under the bonnet, difficulty shifting gears, and a sticking clutch pedal.

We at Leo's Garage have the necessary tools and knowhow to address these problems, including clutch pedal repairs, flywheel work and transmission servicing. If you're having trouble getting into gear, contact us for a service.

Engine Rebuilds

As a former Subaru Rally Team Australia mechanic, there are few people in the world that know their way around a Subaru engine better than Leo. If your Subaru isn't performing as well as you think it should, bring it in to Leo's Garage for a complete servicing, stripping down the engine block and replacing worn or broken components to bring your vehicle's engine back up to scratch.

To find out how we can get the most out of your vehicle's engine, contact us for a inspection or service today.

Radiator & Cooling

A cool engine is a healthy engine; problems with your car's cooling system can result in extensive damage to your engine, and expensive repairs. If you think your vehicle might be overheating, it's best to either get it off the road as quickly as possible, or drive very carefully to a nearby mechanic for a cooling check.

Leo's Garage can inspect your cooling system, topping up coolant and fitting replacement valves and hoses as required to keep your engine cool. Contact us today if you think your vehicle's cooling system isn't performing well.


As cars are become more and more sophisticated in terms of their electronic components, a greater focus has to go towards keeping your vehicle's electrical systems in top shape. Our workshop is equipped with advanced electrical diagnostic tools to locate and solve any trouble, from testing and replacing batteries and lights to finding and repairing faults in your electronic fuel injection system.

To find out more about the sort of problems we can detect with our diagnostic services, give us a call today!

Wheels & Tyres

The team at Leo's Garage is able to source, replace and fit new tyres for your vehicle, specially chosen for your intended driving experience. We can also conduct alignments for your new wheels, which can minimise tyre wear and maximise the life of your new rubber.

Call us today to find out what else we can do to help you get the most out of your tyres.

Other Servicing

Leo's Garage offers a broad range of other services, including:

windscreen repairs and replacement

towing service coordination

Get in touch with us today to find out how else we can help you!

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